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Weekend Fall Trip to Marietta, GA

Fall has to be my favorite season of the year besides Christmas! The turning of colors, warm drinks, and fun new outfits are so refreshingly different from the hot summer months. I love planning a weekend getaway where I can take in all the cozy feelings in of the season just a few hours away from our home in sunny Florida. Marietta, Georgia was the perfect weekend trip for us!

If you follow me on instagram you know that there were insta stories a plenty from our trip. My husband had a conference in Marietta and man am I glad I hopped on board! We always try to hit the road as early as we can on Fridays, but sure enough after packing, semi cleaning the house, and stopping for a quick snack we didn’t hit the road until 10 am. Marietta, Georgia is only a little bit over 4 hrs away from where we live. Marietta completely charmed me with it’s history and fall scenery as well as great places to eat!

Since it was just for the weekend I didn’t pack too much, but just enough to keep me warm. I decided to bring my big coat just in case and I am so glad I did. As I was planning for this trip I realized that I only had short booties. You know the ones that are boots but also leave your ankles uncovered and you wear skimpy little socks. Yea, those. They’re great for Florida, but I decided to order tall boots last minute and actually got them sent to our airbnb and they got in just in time! Boom. I stayed relatively casual since I was mainly walking around and exploring. I packed the essentials like black leggings and casual tops that I could pair with fun colored scarfs. For a more fun outfit I also packed a flirty dark blue body suit that I paired with the tall black boots that I ordered. The weather is definitely chilly in November, but with a couple of layers it was still comfortable to walk around in or even do a hike. Here are some of my favorite Amazon items that are perfect for this time of year!

Things To Do

Hike: Right when we got to Marietta, we decided to hike at the Kennesaw Mountain trail. (A quick tip for any location is that I use the AllTrails App to find trails wherever we go. it is a must). This trail was great because there are several locations you can start from depending on the distance and intensity that you want to do. We took the two mile trail up to the top which took us about an hour and a half round trip. There was also pretty cool history stands through out which my husband really enjoyed. The hike was a short distance from where we stayed which I will share about bellow.

Marietta Town Square: What can I say Marietta Town Square is the main center of Marietta filled with shops, restaurants, and a beautiful outdoor area with a fountain and gazebo to sit and enjoy. I felt like I was in a Christmas movie/gilmore girls episode. You could spend at least half a day walking through and enjoying this small town. I had to visit it a few times since it was just minutes away from our stay. They also have a couple of theaters. One of them was an old school movie theater and the other one a traditional one. I noticed that in November they are showing Frosty The Snowman which would be perfect for a fun night out!

Roswell: We heard about this town from a friend that had been in the area and we were happy to check it out. Roswell was similar to the Marietta Town Square Area only a little bit smaller. It is a fun place to walk around, get pie, and shop for Christmas decorations! By the time we walked around some shops we were pretty tired and decided to head home for the night, but not without a little souveneir.

Atlanta: The cool thing about Marietta is that you definitely get the small town feel only within 20 minutes away from Atlanta! If you want a more urban adventure I recommend the Westside area for shopping, food, and coffee shops. There are also some parks around to explore.

Hang out in your airbnb: I have to be honest, I had planned to be alot more active on our weekend getaway, but I found myself not wanting to leave our airbnb. I have to say it was one of my favorite parts of our entire trip! This airbnb completely blew us away. It is the guest house of a family right in the heart of Marietta. It’s wood walls, historical features, and snacks are only some reasons why it is a must to make this the perfect fall trip. The outdoor area was just as dreamy as the inside and perfect for snuggling up by your loved ones or enjoying a chilly night it the hot tub. Our atmosphere was a 10/10 for this Florida girl. If you live in the South and can’t make a trip up North, but still want to feel like you are in a cabin in the middle of nowhere this is the place for you. If you’ve never used airbnb I definitely recommend it! I have stayed in a lot of airbnbs so always feel free to reach out to me for tips and recommendations. I will also drop my link here so that you can get your first airbnb with $40 off on me! Book your first airbnb now.

What set this trip apart for me was how relaxing it was. I was able to kick back and enjoy a new place while working on my computer in a cozy enviroment. I really enjoyed that! What trips have you taken lately? Are they more active or chill? I’d love to hear!

Why Another Blog

Hey babes! I thought we should have this conversation at some point. Although I haven’t been blogging for long and I’m still figuring a lot of stuff out. I have thought about blogging and the reasons to do it long and hard. Why? Why another blog? What do I have to give that’s not already out there? What I’m a going to write about? Why am I going to start a blog as beginner when there as so many excellent bloggers already?

I held back for so long making excuses and sitting in fear. I felt that I had nothing to add because the internet is so full of prettier, smarter, better writers or so I told myself. There’s no point in adding just another blog to the masses. What more could I say?

So maybe you have thought about writing a blog, starting an instagram blogging account, or even a podcast. There are so many ways to share these days. And maybe you feel the same. You feel overwhelmed and like there’s nothing you could possibly say that would set you apart. Well that’s not true.

Here are some of the reasons why I say do it anyway.

1. If you have always enjoyed sharing with others. I have always enjoyed sharing my travels and experiences with others. Ever since I can remember one of my favorite parts of my travels and experiences has been sharing it with others. Over time I have posted pictures, shared in my instagram stories, and journaled about my favorite experiences. And I have found that it is so fun to recount and savor the beautiful things in life. Life is not always easy and so when there’s a moment of bliss why not share it and relive it with others?

2. If you believe your experience is unique. This is a trick statement. Because we are all unique. We all have specific experiences that make us different. You may know me very well or you may not so I will tell you a bit about how my experience is unique. I was originally born in Colombia to single mother. When I was 8 my mom decided to move us to New York City. So my eight year old brain got to marvel at the wonder in this insanely different new place. This completely changed my life. Fast forward some years and I’ve gotten to travel all over the world. I have even lived in the unique city of Istanbul for a year and a half. While living there it was made clear to me that my perspective of travel was greatly shaped by earlier experiences from a young age. I know that my perspective is a bit different than some and I feel like it is my responsibility to share it.

3. If you would like to document your experiences. This reasons is a little selfish. But it’s true I just want to document my life. Life passes by so fast and I want to remember what it was like living through each experience. I may be the only one, but I look through my pictures and it brings me joy. I want to document my travels. So the sad thing about traveling is that it is a moment in time. It comes and goes. Before you even realize it your sweet or not so sweet trip is over. I have been on so many trips and I wish that I would of written about them as soon as I experienced them. There are things that come to in random waves but I would like to change that. I want to write and take pictures that help me document my travels and hopefully inspire you as well.

4. If you want to be a resource to others. I want to be a resource for others. I really believe that we are here to help each other. As I experience things, I want to help those after me go a little bit further. I feel so much gratitude for all of the help that I’ve gotten along the way. I have found myself feeling lost and hopeless searching the internet late at night and to my relief I found others that shared their experiences with me. They made me feel less alone and they have been a great resource to my life.

5. If you want to get better. Man, is putting yourself accountability for you to get better. I know that I would not write or figure out how to take pictures and so many other things if I didn’t have a goal to build my pages. I understand that I will probably look back and be a little embarrassed of my first blog posts and pictures. I’m just starting out and I’m not the best, but I want to get better. Putting myself out there forces me to figure things out and continue to learn.

If you feel intimidated. You are not alone. Figure out why you want to share what you’re passionate about and let that fuel you. We all have something to contribute. The internet is big enough for everyone! That is what makes it so amazing. So get out there and do your thing! I’d love to know the reasons why you’re putting yourself out there. So leave your reasons in the comments and your blog or whatever platform you’re in. I’d love to follow along.

Unit next time,


Ways I Practice Self Love

Hey babes! (I’ve decided this is what I will call you from now on) It is Valentine’s Day Week so I thought it would be a good time for me to share some thoughts on self care. This week you will probably see gestures of love, the cutest pictures, and walk into stores with hope or sadness. So I wanted to talk about what I’ve learned about self love over the last few years and how I practice it. I understand and love celebrating other relationships during this time, but I don’t think we talk enough enough about self love when it is so important. Self love gives us clarity, joy, and it actually makes us better at other relationships too.

When Self Love is talked about it can come off as more of an idea instead a practice. I have found that self love is a practice. But before you can love yourself you have to know yourself. What makes you smile when no one is around? What kind of tastes, smells, pictures bring you joy? What about them bring you joy? What do you really want for the future?

These are all questions that for a long time I did not even know to ask. Honestly, I waited around for someone else to ask them and while that is also needed, there is a time for you to get to know yourself and love yourself in practical ways. 

Here are some way that I’ve learned to love myself and while I am not perfect in these, I am growing every day to be better.

  1. I Don’t Compare Myself To Others

Whoa that was hard to write. I really struggle with this one, but it’s pretty hard to love yourself when you’re measuring yourself up against others.

On Valentines Day it’s going to be really easy to do this. You will compare your relationship status, your marriage, your ability to post the perfect picture and caption. So I thought I’d start here.

When I fall prey to comparison I find ways to affirm myself. I relationship status, I affirm my partner, I affirm the unique ways that I do things although imperfect and quirky.

  • I Find My Own Style

I am most certainly talking about clothes here, but also so many other things. When I stop comparing myself to others I actually have space to find out what I like. An easy way to do this is to take a scroll through Pinterest, a store, or even social media. I ask myself what colors move me, what styles bring a little joy to my life, and I take notes. Knowing your style, what draws your attention, and why takes time. That’s okay. Try things out, return things, save pictures. Repeat. This takes time and that’s okay.

  • I Build My Confidence

For a long time I thought that people who were confident were just born that way. Now I know that I can build my confidence. Something that builds my confidence is challenging myself to do things that I’ve always wanted to do. For a while I have admired bloggers, but was so intimidated to do it on my own. So I finally took the plunge and did it. That alone boosted my confidence so much. Every time that I take a step towards who I want to be it is pretty terrifying. It is never comfortable, but it builds my confidence and I start to believe that I can achieve anything that I put my mind to.

  1. I Love Myself in Small Ways

I love myself in small ways. One of them is by cleaning my house. By being kind to myself verbally. I love myself by paying attention to what stresses me out and what gives me life. If I know wearing red lipstick will make my day a little bit better then I do. If I want flowers then I buy them. I find little ways that will make my day better. Sometimes this looks like just taking a break. Whatever it may be I don’t forget about myself throughout the day. I love myself.

  1. I Create Self Care Routines

I am not always perfect at this but I’ve created self care routines for myself. An easy one is taking a bath, washing my face, and watching something light hearted after a long day. I am currently trying to brainstorm for routines to create when I’m really struggling emotionally. This again takes me back to what do I need, what do I want, etc. But when it’s too stressful to go through a bunch of emotional questions, I just create a routine of things that make me happy or really help me. Doing my nails, taking vitamins, making smoothies are more routines that exist for the sole purpose of taking care of myself.

I have found a lot of this through the wonderful world of the internet. So I hope I can play my part and pass it along to you.

No one can take care of you like you can. You’re beautiful and so worth it. May this be a time to reflect on that. Until next time 💋

Top 5 Travel Recommendations for 2020

Hey friends! Welcome Back. It is almost the end of January! I’m kind of sad that January is ending, but I keep reminding myself that it is not too late to keep setting goals for the year. One my resolutions that is pretty much consistent every single year is to travel and see more of the world. I thought that it be fun to share some of my favorite spots with you and give you some travel ideas for the year ahead.

Travel outfit links:

There’s no other time in the year when I feel more motivated to plan the future ahead than at the beginning of a brand new year. For me this definitely includes my travel goals. I have found that in order to reach these goals I have to plan ahead and really set my attention on where I want to go and how I’m going to reach my goal.

I highly recommend this. Just like other goals travel plans typically don’t tend to just happen. If travel is one of your goals I hope that this quick guide will help and inspire you to dream and plan of the places you want to visit this year.

With travel depending on the time of the year, goals, and lifestyle there are usually constraints to keep in mind. Because of this I have made this list pretty diverse. (Speaking of limitations I have to share my new favorite way to find cheap flights. It is called Faredrop. If you use my link you can try it for two months for free.)

Here’s the countdown. Buckle up & enjoy my little virtual trip through my top 5 travel recommendations for 2020.

Number 5!!!!! N Y C

NYC will always be one of my favorite places in the world. If you are craving the hustle and bustle that a city brings there is no city with more hustle than NYC. Although any time is a good time to visit NYC, I have to say visiting during the holidays is a once in a lifetime opportunity. NYC goes big! So if you love the holidays, this is a must. Other good times to visit are during the Spring & Fall because that summer heat is no joke. If you do plan on going during the holidays dress as warm as possible because it will definitely be cold and most activities will involve being outside.

My Favorite Activities: Lion King on Broadway, Times Square, Sitting in a coffee shop (or anywhere) and people watching. NYC is a place that I forsee visiting over and over AND over again. There is so much to see and I just love the energy of this place.

What I Wish I Knew: Traveling up and down the city takes longer than you think. NYC is a big city so if you are only going for a few days make sure to plan on walking ALOT. Pack your sneakers because you will need them! Also, the amount of restaurants to check out can be overwhelming. Try to pick at least a few spots where you want to eat in the area that you will be in so that you don’t have to stress about it last minute.

Where To Stay: Airbnb allowed us to stay in Manhattan for a much lower price than a hotel so I definitely recommend that. If you haven’t used airbnb before you can use my link and get $55 off on their site. I do have a couple of tips as you choose a place to stay. First stay in the area where you want to do most of your exploring for convenience. We stayed in an airbnb in Midtown Manhattan which was amazing for exploring Times Square, but still a 30 min metro ride to other parts so I would definitely choose something in a different part of the city next time so that we can explore there. Secondly, keep in mind if you do decide to go with airbnb that if it is a shared appartment your roomies might like to party so pick the entire place filter under the type of place to avoid that. You will be in the city so there will be a lot more sounds coming from people and traffic. It just comes with the territory so try to expect that and if you’re a light sleeper pack some earplugs so you’re prepared.

Number 4!!!!!! N A S H V I L L E

Nashville is another great city option for you city lovers out there. Except this city has an entirely different culture than NYC. It is so fun! I ended up going to Nashville for a friend trip and loved it. This city is just one the funnest cities that I’ve ever visited and it is so unique. It is a must.

My Favorite Activities:

Bar hopping! Nashville takes bar hopping to a whole new level. There are endless options for funky bars with extremely talented musicians.

Food! You will not run out of restaurants to try (obviously), but worth the mention that you could just eat your way through this city.

Sightseeing. This is more of a side thing for me because I’m not a huge country music fan, but it was still really interesting to see.

I love this location because you can just hang loose drink some beers, listen to music, and be immersed in the country music culture. Sometimes this is just the kind of get away that I need!

What I Wish I’d Know: I wish I would of known about the Gaylord Opryland Resort in Nashville. When I go to Nashville again I will be breaking my airbnb streak and staying there. The Gaylord Opryland Hotel is definitely fancy option. It has the most beautiful atrium which is basically a big open court on the inside of the hotel. It is truly impressive and I just think it would make the most romantic location for a couples getaway.

Where to Stay: There are some really good airbnb options depending on how big your party is, you should be able to pick a great place to fit your needs. Because we had a big party when I went we stayed right outside the city, but if your main activity is going to be bar hopping (which I highly recommend) then I suggest that you stay somewhere walking distance to everything. This will be the easiest way to enjoy the city. However, if this is more of a romantic getaway the Gaylord Opryland Resort would be my top pick!

Number 3!!! C O S T A R I C A!

I am dying to back to Costa Rica! If you don’t want to pick between the mountains and ocean guess what! You don’t have to! Costa Rica is rich with mountains, exotic animals, and beautiful beaches. It is the perfect place for thrill & relaxation. My husband is more of a chill traveler while I am the adventure seeker so we try to pick locations where we can do both and this is a perfect one. Costa Rica offers a variety of both relaxation and adventure, which is why I would highly recommend it for couples who want to do both. I also happen to think Costa Rica would be a great location to visit if you haven’t travelled to Central/South America before. It is tourist friendly, clean, and filled with a vibrant latin culture.

What To Do: Surf, Zip Line, Hike, Ride an ATV! There are so many adventures to be had! When I went I rented a surf board for the day and had such a blast. Just make sure to wear sunscreen. The only sunburn I’ve EVER HAD was thanks to those Costa Rica.

What I Wish I’d Know: If the beach is what you’re going for then expect a trip of 1-3 hours from the airport. Jaco is one of the most popular beaches and it is truly worth the trip, but you will have to plan transportation and stay accordingly. Renting a car will be the fastest way to get there while riding the bus will be the cheapest. Whichever you pick just be ready for a roadtrip because unfortunately the closest airport is no less than an hour and a half away which is not ideal, but doable.

Where to Stay: I absolutely loved Jaco Beach. It is basically the ultimate surf beach town. There are a lot of tourists and expats there. For this location I would actually recommend a higher end hostel because there is so much opportunity to meet other people. I like staying in hostels in certain locations because you can get ideas on where to go and what to do from people that have already had some time in the location. It also just provides community and people are often traveling alone which means they are open to hanging out and doing things together. If you’re not comfortable with that the next best option is an airbnb and let me tell you there are some dreamy ones in Costa Rica.

Number 2!!! A l a s k a!

Alaska was not really on my radar because I’ve always lived on the East Coast so I lucked out when I married a native Alaskan. Alaska is more wild and beautiful than I ever imagined. This will be a high ticket trip if you’re flying from the east coast, but there are other ways that you can save if this is on your bucketlist. On a lot of our trips we save a lot of money by using airbnb. Alaska was no exeption. Another great thing about Alaska is that most of the activites will be hiking around which is either free or very cheap! The sceneries are stunning and you will truly feel disconnected from the day to day grind hiking in its beautiful mountains.

What To Do: There are so many unique activities that are available in Alaska. One that we got to do and I will never forget was ice climbling. It was such a blast! Other activites include helicopter tours, whale watching, and visiting hot springs. A free activity that you can basically do anywhere is hiking. Hiking is such a great way to explore this beautiful state. My favorite place to explore was Hatcher’s Pass near Palmer which is about an hour drive from Anchorage and take my word for it, it is stunning. Another way to explore Alaska is by cruise. Because Alaska is so large and has so much to offer I think this would be a great way see Alaska.

What I Wish I’d Known: In my opinion, “Fancy” hotels are not worth it. Alaska is for exploring and camping! Alaska is so dang beautiful that I wish I’d known to just go RVing or camping. During out time at the Denali National Park we chose to do a 5 hour bus tour. We got to see how massive the park is which was cool, but when I would see people just walking around with a backpack I would get pretty envious. In all honesty, I’ve been camping like twice in my whole life and I’m pretty sure they were both youth group related events so I am by no means a camping kind of girl, but if you’re going to camp anywhere Alaska seems to me like the place to do it. You can also opt out for glamping which is basically the best of both worlds.

Where To Stay: My favorite place to stay had to be this little Airbnb yurt that we stayed in one night during our trip. There were a few similar places on airbnb, which I think would be so fitting to stay in for this kind of trip. Our yurt was so cool because it made us feel like we were camping, but we had the comfort of sleeping in a real bed. It was such a fun stay! Another option that I think would be really fun considering how outdoorsy Alaska is would be renting an RV. Do keep in mind that if you’re visiting Alaska in the Summer it is better to book your stay as much in advance as possible so that you have the options. This was especially true close to larger attractions such as The Denali National Park.


Bermuda is an absolute paradise! My mom and I took a trip to Bermuda last October and I could not believe beautiful it was. I fell in love with this island for it’s beaches, snorkeling, and slow pace of life. There is only one road on the whole island. This makes this island as slow pace as it gets. It is really relaxing. The beaches were unbelievable. I wanted to melt and become one with the sand. Also, I could not stop staring at the color of the water. It was an unbelivable trip. If you are on the north east coast then I have good news for you. Bermuda is a short flight from NYC. This little island blew me away. I am still surprised at the amount of information that It is a hidden gem and I can’t recommend it enough.

WHAT TO DO: All things beach! My favorite activity in Bermuda was snorkleling right off the coast of Church Bay. The convenience of going snorkeling and seeing the most beautiful sea life on your own time was incredible. I could of spent days just doing that. Other activities that I enjoyed were exploring Downtown Hamilton and taking a tour of the whole island.

WHAT I WISH I KNEW: Bermuda succeeded my expectations in such a good way. I will touch on a couple things that I think you should know before you go. First, I think for budget planning you should know that Bermuda is on the higher end of the money spectrum when it comes to meals or other things that you might buy on the island. Secondly, in my experience there’s not really much of a nightlife. There’s a moderate amount of things going on but overall it was a pretty mellow mood at night. So if you’re looking for a location to go out and dance with your girls this might not be it. This would make a wonderful couples or family trip.

WHERE TO STAY: I always rave about Airbnb, but I have to say this is one of the times when booking an Airbnb really paid off. We saved so much money and stayed so close to the most famous beach on the island. I will link the exact Airbnb that we stayed in this case because we had an amazing experience. If you want to stay at a hotel there are great options like the Fairmont Southampton Resort.

There it is my top 5 travel recommendation for the new year! I don’t know about you but I’m ready to start planning some trips now. I’d love to hear if you have any trip recommendations for me! What have been your favorite places to visit in the states or internationally? Let me know! Happy planning.

Christmas Amazon Gift Guide!!

The most wonderful time of the year is finally here! I thought this would be the perfect time to share our favorite Amazon Prime finds of the year. I hope this helps stir some good Christmas gift ideas or maybe you can even get a little something for yourself 😉 All of these do come with Amazon Prime shipping so they will be delivered within 2 days. If you have procrastinated on some gifts (like me) that two day shipping will definitely come as a blessing to you.

Secret Santa Idea

Before I jump into it I would love to share a really useful tool that I found last year for secret santa gift exchanges. I highly recommend secret Santa gift exchanges. This is basically when you are assigned to one person to get a gift for in your family or friend group. The cool thing about this is that you can still participate in gifts, but don’t have the pressure to buy everyone a gift. The way we do it is we set a budget guideline so that the gifts are similar in price. I really like this because I can focus on one person and really get them something that is more personal to them all while not breaking the bank when you have a large family like me.

For Santa Gift exchanges I have a great resource for you. We found a website called elfster a couple of years ago and it is a game changer! You can insert all the names in your gift exchange group and it will choose a person for you and email it to each individual. So cool right?! There is also a section where each person can add a wishlist. This makes things so much more simple and fun.

My Favorite Amazon Purchases of the Year:

Here are my top ten Amazon purchases of the year! This year my Amazon Prime favorites I found myself choosing a lot of things that just made my life easier. They are things that I use on a daily basis and they are great in the price range area. Enjoy!

I have listed and added descriptions of each item bellow. You can click on the name of the item to be routed to the Amazon website. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

  1. Make Up Brush Set: I use these every day and they have not disappointed me. It is such a versatile set good for every make up product. The larger brush has completely changed my contour look, so I think that this would be an amazing gift!
  2. Yeti Cup (pictured above): I have this cup in the white color and it just looks so clean and keeps my coffee so warm throughout the day. It is such great quality and a gift that will be certainly be used to its fullest. Nothing makes work days more managable than a hot cup of coffee on the go.
  3. Selfie Stick/ Tripod: This guy is so great for travels & couple pics. We got it for our trip to London this year and have gotten much better pics than just the usual selfie. It converts from a selfie stick to a tripod and it comes with a clicker that connects to your phone via Bluetooth. Truly amazing!
  4. Power Bank: This product is needed for long travel days or just any day so that your phone doesn’t die on the go. It charges your phone up to 2.5 times so I generally don’t have to charge it more than every few days.d
  5. Meal Prep Containers: These are the best meal prep glass containers that I’ve been able to find. I love being able to put them in our dish washer after use and they are the perfect meal size for lunches at the office.
  6. Charging Station Dock: I hate having to look for chargers around the house so this is a great way to have a designated charging station. Guests really enjoy it too because if they need a charge it is right there for them. This charging station comes with severval cables for different kind of devices.
  7. Thread Wallet: I carry my thread wallet on my keychain. It is so handy and I don’t have to look for my wallet and all my things separately when I’m trying to leave the house quickly. I cannot recommend this item enough.
  8. Cat Backpack: This has got to be the funnest purchase from Amazon that I’ve ever made (or close). You know that moment when you see something and hope that you can find it on Amazon, hold your breath, and then there it is! Unbelivable. That’s how I felt about this item. This is the cutest little pack for any cat lover in your life. Every time I take my cat out on this wether its to the vet or a walk out in the neighborhood I get compliments on this backpack. It is an adorable way to carry your kitty around.
  9. Gallon Water Bottle: This would be a fun gift for the fit person in your life. This is the best gallon water jug that I’ve found. It is easy to carry and even has a daily timeline on it so that you can meet your water drinking goals.
  10. Apple Watch: Last but not least, this is a little bit more of a slurge but my Apple Watch was a great Amazon find. This is the more affordable version to get and has worked out great for both me and my husband. A smart watch is one of those things that you don’t necessarily think you need and then voila you get it and you think where have you been all my life! My favorite features are the text message on my watch (that way I don’t have to check my phone in the middle of a task and lose focus), my find my iphone button which generates a sound to my phone so that I can find it when I don’t know where it is in my house, and alarm on my watch that just vibrates (so that my poor husband won’t wake up). There are so many other functions, but you’ll have to find them for yourself.

Guy Gift Ideas

These are some of my husband’s favorite Amazon Prime items of the year. Like me my husband loves to test products to really find the best one and this is what he has up with after testing different brands and types. We hope to save you time and lead you straight to the best of the best. There is really a large variety here, but like my own list a lot of these are great for daily use. I really enjoy giving gift that people will use all the time. Here they are!

  1. Noise Cancelling Headphones: My husband swore that he would never wear this type of headphones, but now he is in love with these. He needed some good wireless noise cancelling headphones to listen to podcasts or audio books and these are the ones that have truly impressed him and are way more affordable than other ones. He loves using these while doing things around the house, going to gym, and traveling.
  2. Gym Bag: This is a great option for a gym bag. My husband packs his things in this everyday to use after work. It is the perfect size and something that will be used on a daily basis.
  3. Sports Themed Cup: If you have a guy in your life that love sports, a good quality sports cup is an easy and practical gift. This cup is great quality and keeps his drink cold for hours.
  4. Snorkel Mask: We purchased this mask before going on a trip to the Bahamas and it was such a good purchase. We love snorkeling and this mask is so much better than the ones they give you on snorkeling tours. It covers your face completely so that it doesn’t get all fogged up and it fits comfortably. People kept asking us if we had bought it locally and unfortunately for them we had not! I love being prepared so if you know someone that likes to go on tropical vacations, this is the perfect gift!
  5. Amazon Pants (pictured above): These are a classic style pant that every guy could use. They are great for a date night or a casual business setting. You can expect a huggable but loose fit as well as a soft and overall great quality fabric. We were nicely surprised to find this staple on Amazon so that we can re purchase in the future if needed.
  6. Ninja Blender: This would be a great gift for any guy that likes to work out and make protein shakes on a daily basis. The smaller cups make daily use and clean up really easy.
  7. Phone/tablet/nintendo switch stand: I was personally so impressed by this find! My husband was searching for a Nintendo Switch stand for any airplane trips that we take. It is a bendable stand to fit in all kinds of settings. Definitely click on this for pictures and I promise that you will be impressed. I borrow his all the time to watch stuff on my phone.
  8. Vegan Protein Powder: We have been on the hunt for a good tasting vegan protein powder and this is totally it. It is the best tasting and has the best nutrient profile that we’ve found. We also love the convenience of being able to order it online.
  9. Charging Stand for iPhone and Apple Watch: A great small gift idea for the apple techy in your life. This charges your phone, apple watch, AND airpods. If you have someone that loves apple products, they will not be dissapointed!
  10. Professional Apple Watch Band: Apple watch bands can completely change the look of a smart watch. What once looked like a watch only for the gym can be turned into a sleek & professional watch and since a lot of us spend more time at work than at the gym this is an amazing item to have.

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