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Hey babes! I thought we should have this conversation at some point. Although I haven’t been blogging for long and I’m still figuring a lot of stuff out. I have thought about blogging and the reasons to do it long and hard. Why? Why another blog? What do I have to give that’s not already out there? What I’m a going to write about? Why am I going to start a blog as beginner when there as so many excellent bloggers already?

I held back for so long making excuses and sitting in fear. I felt that I had nothing to add because the internet is so full of prettier, smarter, better writers or so I told myself. There’s no point in adding just another blog to the masses. What more could I say?

So maybe you have thought about writing a blog, starting an instagram blogging account, or even a podcast. There are so many ways to share these days. And maybe you feel the same. You feel overwhelmed and like there’s nothing you could possibly say that would set you apart. Well that’s not true.

Here are some of the reasons why I say do it anyway.

1. If you have always enjoyed sharing with others. I have always enjoyed sharing my travels and experiences with others. Ever since I can remember one of my favorite parts of my travels and experiences has been sharing it with others. Over time I have posted pictures, shared in my instagram stories, and journaled about my favorite experiences. And I have found that it is so fun to recount and savor the beautiful things in life. Life is not always easy and so when there’s a moment of bliss why not share it and relive it with others?

2. If you believe your experience is unique. This is a trick statement. Because we are all unique. We all have specific experiences that make us different. You may know me very well or you may not so I will tell you a bit about how my experience is unique. I was originally born in Colombia to single mother. When I was 8 my mom decided to move us to New York City. So my eight year old brain got to marvel at the wonder in this insanely different new place. This completely changed my life. Fast forward some years and I’ve gotten to travel all over the world. I have even lived in the unique city of Istanbul for a year and a half. While living there it was made clear to me that my perspective of travel was greatly shaped by earlier experiences from a young age. I know that my perspective is a bit different than some and I feel like it is my responsibility to share it.

3. If you would like to document your experiences. This reasons is a little selfish. But it’s true I just want to document my life. Life passes by so fast and I want to remember what it was like living through each experience. I may be the only one, but I look through my pictures and it brings me joy. I want to document my travels. So the sad thing about traveling is that it is a moment in time. It comes and goes. Before you even realize it your sweet or not so sweet trip is over. I have been on so many trips and I wish that I would of written about them as soon as I experienced them. There are things that come to in random waves but I would like to change that. I want to write and take pictures that help me document my travels and hopefully inspire you as well.

4. If you want to be a resource to others. I want to be a resource for others. I really believe that we are here to help each other. As I experience things, I want to help those after me go a little bit further. I feel so much gratitude for all of the help that I’ve gotten along the way. I have found myself feeling lost and hopeless searching the internet late at night and to my relief I found others that shared their experiences with me. They made me feel less alone and they have been a great resource to my life.

5. If you want to get better. Man, is putting yourself accountability for you to get better. I know that I would not write or figure out how to take pictures and so many other things if I didn’t have a goal to build my pages. I understand that I will probably look back and be a little embarrassed of my first blog posts and pictures. I’m just starting out and I’m not the best, but I want to get better. Putting myself out there forces me to figure things out and continue to learn.

If you feel intimidated. You are not alone. Figure out why you want to share what you’re passionate about and let that fuel you. We all have something to contribute. The internet is big enough for everyone! That is what makes it so amazing. So get out there and do your thing! I’d love to know the reasons why you’re putting yourself out there. So leave your reasons in the comments and your blog or whatever platform you’re in. I’d love to follow along.

Unit next time,


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