Christmas Amazon Gift Guide!!

The most wonderful time of the year is finally here! I thought this would be the perfect time to share our favorite Amazon Prime finds of the year. I hope this helps stir some good Christmas gift ideas or maybe you can even get a little something for yourself 😉 All of these do come with Amazon Prime shipping so they will be delivered within 2 days. If you have procrastinated on some gifts (like me) that two day shipping will definitely come as a blessing to you.

Secret Santa Idea

Before I jump into it I would love to share a really useful tool that I found last year for secret santa gift exchanges. I highly recommend secret Santa gift exchanges. This is basically when you are assigned to one person to get a gift for in your family or friend group. The cool thing about this is that you can still participate in gifts, but don’t have the pressure to buy everyone a gift. The way we do it is we set a budget guideline so that the gifts are similar in price. I really like this because I can focus on one person and really get them something that is more personal to them all while not breaking the bank when you have a large family like me.

For Santa Gift exchanges I have a great resource for you. We found a website called elfster a couple of years ago and it is a game changer! You can insert all the names in your gift exchange group and it will choose a person for you and email it to each individual. So cool right?! There is also a section where each person can add a wishlist. This makes things so much more simple and fun.

My Favorite Amazon Purchases of the Year:

Here are my top ten Amazon purchases of the year! This year my Amazon Prime favorites I found myself choosing a lot of things that just made my life easier. They are things that I use on a daily basis and they are great in the price range area. Enjoy!

I have listed and added descriptions of each item bellow. You can click on the name of the item to be routed to the Amazon website. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

  1. Make Up Brush Set: I use these every day and they have not disappointed me. It is such a versatile set good for every make up product. The larger brush has completely changed my contour look, so I think that this would be an amazing gift!
  2. Yeti Cup (pictured above): I have this cup in the white color and it just looks so clean and keeps my coffee so warm throughout the day. It is such great quality and a gift that will be certainly be used to its fullest. Nothing makes work days more managable than a hot cup of coffee on the go.
  3. Selfie Stick/ Tripod: This guy is so great for travels & couple pics. We got it for our trip to London this year and have gotten much better pics than just the usual selfie. It converts from a selfie stick to a tripod and it comes with a clicker that connects to your phone via Bluetooth. Truly amazing!
  4. Power Bank: This product is needed for long travel days or just any day so that your phone doesn’t die on the go. It charges your phone up to 2.5 times so I generally don’t have to charge it more than every few days.d
  5. Meal Prep Containers: These are the best meal prep glass containers that I’ve been able to find. I love being able to put them in our dish washer after use and they are the perfect meal size for lunches at the office.
  6. Charging Station Dock: I hate having to look for chargers around the house so this is a great way to have a designated charging station. Guests really enjoy it too because if they need a charge it is right there for them. This charging station comes with severval cables for different kind of devices.
  7. Thread Wallet: I carry my thread wallet on my keychain. It is so handy and I don’t have to look for my wallet and all my things separately when I’m trying to leave the house quickly. I cannot recommend this item enough.
  8. Cat Backpack: This has got to be the funnest purchase from Amazon that I’ve ever made (or close). You know that moment when you see something and hope that you can find it on Amazon, hold your breath, and then there it is! Unbelivable. That’s how I felt about this item. This is the cutest little pack for any cat lover in your life. Every time I take my cat out on this wether its to the vet or a walk out in the neighborhood I get compliments on this backpack. It is an adorable way to carry your kitty around.
  9. Gallon Water Bottle: This would be a fun gift for the fit person in your life. This is the best gallon water jug that I’ve found. It is easy to carry and even has a daily timeline on it so that you can meet your water drinking goals.
  10. Apple Watch: Last but not least, this is a little bit more of a slurge but my Apple Watch was a great Amazon find. This is the more affordable version to get and has worked out great for both me and my husband. A smart watch is one of those things that you don’t necessarily think you need and then voila you get it and you think where have you been all my life! My favorite features are the text message on my watch (that way I don’t have to check my phone in the middle of a task and lose focus), my find my iphone button which generates a sound to my phone so that I can find it when I don’t know where it is in my house, and alarm on my watch that just vibrates (so that my poor husband won’t wake up). There are so many other functions, but you’ll have to find them for yourself.

Guy Gift Ideas

These are some of my husband’s favorite Amazon Prime items of the year. Like me my husband loves to test products to really find the best one and this is what he has up with after testing different brands and types. We hope to save you time and lead you straight to the best of the best. There is really a large variety here, but like my own list a lot of these are great for daily use. I really enjoy giving gift that people will use all the time. Here they are!

  1. Noise Cancelling Headphones: My husband swore that he would never wear this type of headphones, but now he is in love with these. He needed some good wireless noise cancelling headphones to listen to podcasts or audio books and these are the ones that have truly impressed him and are way more affordable than other ones. He loves using these while doing things around the house, going to gym, and traveling.
  2. Gym Bag: This is a great option for a gym bag. My husband packs his things in this everyday to use after work. It is the perfect size and something that will be used on a daily basis.
  3. Sports Themed Cup: If you have a guy in your life that love sports, a good quality sports cup is an easy and practical gift. This cup is great quality and keeps his drink cold for hours.
  4. Snorkel Mask: We purchased this mask before going on a trip to the Bahamas and it was such a good purchase. We love snorkeling and this mask is so much better than the ones they give you on snorkeling tours. It covers your face completely so that it doesn’t get all fogged up and it fits comfortably. People kept asking us if we had bought it locally and unfortunately for them we had not! I love being prepared so if you know someone that likes to go on tropical vacations, this is the perfect gift!
  5. Amazon Pants (pictured above): These are a classic style pant that every guy could use. They are great for a date night or a casual business setting. You can expect a huggable but loose fit as well as a soft and overall great quality fabric. We were nicely surprised to find this staple on Amazon so that we can re purchase in the future if needed.
  6. Ninja Blender: This would be a great gift for any guy that likes to work out and make protein shakes on a daily basis. The smaller cups make daily use and clean up really easy.
  7. Phone/tablet/nintendo switch stand: I was personally so impressed by this find! My husband was searching for a Nintendo Switch stand for any airplane trips that we take. It is a bendable stand to fit in all kinds of settings. Definitely click on this for pictures and I promise that you will be impressed. I borrow his all the time to watch stuff on my phone.
  8. Vegan Protein Powder: We have been on the hunt for a good tasting vegan protein powder and this is totally it. It is the best tasting and has the best nutrient profile that we’ve found. We also love the convenience of being able to order it online.
  9. Charging Stand for iPhone and Apple Watch: A great small gift idea for the apple techy in your life. This charges your phone, apple watch, AND airpods. If you have someone that loves apple products, they will not be dissapointed!
  10. Professional Apple Watch Band: Apple watch bands can completely change the look of a smart watch. What once looked like a watch only for the gym can be turned into a sleek & professional watch and since a lot of us spend more time at work than at the gym this is an amazing item to have.

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